Monday, August 22, 2016

What's this blog?!

Hello, reader! You reached my little place. In here you will find all the projects I'm working on, mainly comic related stuff. It'll take me some time to fill it, but there is no rush!

So, what's in this blog?

APB Reloaded Comics: In this page you will find the links to all the chapters of it as they come out. Nothing else, clean and simple!

Behind the Scenes: Here you can check some pics regarding the process of doing the comic with a bit of a humorous touch.

Sneak Peeks: Making a chapter takes a lot of time... but for the mean time, these are good to get some ideas on how it's looking!

Comic Extras: Some stuff regarding the comics.

Cazadora's secret room: You must be +18 to get in there (I know you will go in anyways, protocol.). You won't find any pornographic content there, so if that's what you are looking for, avoid the click. In there you will find a more explicit version of the comic (when it's necessary) as well as other projects.

With love,